Need a California Guard Card?
Follow the 5 Steps to Success!
Every security/patrol officer needs a State of California issued guard card.


Step 1 – Education & Examination

The first step in securing your California Guard Card is to complete a mandatory educational program and pass the examination. This course gives you the tools and knowledge necessary to enter a career as a security guard successfully.

SMARTGUARD INC. recommends a program by the educational website eduGuard. Sign up for the 8-hour course “Power to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction”, pass the exam at the end of the course and you will have completed Step 1.”

Step 2 – California BSIS Application

With such a relatively sensitive job, you will need to ensure you are registered with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Simply fill out the form “Security Guard Registration” and submit the security guard application either by mail or online.

You can get a full look at the BSIS requirements on the Security Guard Fact Sheet, located on the “BSIS website“. Make sure that you review all information regarding the “Security Guard Online Licensing Pilot Program” before moving on to Online Professional Licensing.

We recommend completing this process online, as you will receive your card significantly more faster than by mail. You can expect a standard $50 application fee, plus a $1 convenience fee for online submission.

Step 3 – Live Scan Fingerprinting

After completing Step 2, you will need to submit your fingerprints via the Live Scan service. A list of Live Scan locations can be found at the “Live Scan Locations“ page. Your fingerprints will be submitted to the DOJ and to the FBI.

Before going to your selected Live Scan location, you must download the security guard Live Scan forms from the “Live Scan Forms” page or by contacting BSIS at (916) 322-4000 or (800) 952-5210. It is necessary to get the correct coding from BSIS on your forms for the FBI and DOJ to ensure BSIS receives their responses. The cost for Live Scan services can vary by location, but is approximately $32 for the DOJ and $19 for the FBI.

Step 4 – Get BSIS Clearance and Certification

Once your criminal background checks are completed and your application is accepted, BSIS will post the status of your application on line on their cleared security guard status online on the BSIS website. Once cleared, your California Guard Card will be available to print. This printout is sufficient to present to your employer as proof of clearance, as it will take some time for your actual card to be mailed to you.

Once you have completed Steps 1-4 and have your guard card or your temporary “on-line printout” you may apply for a guard position at SMARTGUARD INC. Visit our JOBS page on this website to learn more about the current opportunities at SMARTGUARD INC. or click on to send an email.

Post-Employment Education

Additional education is required once you become employed. Within the first 30 days of work a Guard will need to complete and additional 16 hours of training, and within 6 months of employment a guard will need to complete and additional 16

hours of training. SMARTGUARD INC. will have more information about these post-employment education requirements.

Keep Guard Card on You When Working

The cleared security guard printout or the guard card document must remain with you while working, in addition to a valid photo identification card.

Step 5 – Submit Application and Card to SMARTGUARD, Inc.

Once you have completed these steps and your print out (or card) is available, visit our Open Positions page to learn more about the current opportunities at SMARTGUARD INC. and to apply online.


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