SMARTGUARD INC. can provide its clients with a fully customized security program to meet each client’s individual and unique needs.

Every morning each client is provided with an electronic security report. Each report contains the observations of the guard made during the previous sweep of the client’s property. The report will be accompanied by such relevant photos necessary to document abnormal or unusual issues resolved during the patrol.

At clients choice, a telephone call to a designated representative of the client can follow in the event of an abnormal occurrence which required the intervention of law enforcement.

In addition to performing typical security services at your site(s), SMARTGUARD can satisfy specialized security needs unique to each client’s situation, such as the following:

  • Property Survey and Risk Analysis

  • Commercial / Industrial Property Management Incident Reduction

  • RCI (Residentially Challenged Individual) Abatement

  • Vacant Building / Property Security

  • Contentious or Adversarial Employee Terminations

  • PBID Security Representation

  • Educational:

    • Tenant Safety

    • Active Shooter

    • Fire Life Safety


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