The routine presence of a uniformed SMARTGUARD INC.  officer at your facility can provide enhanced security to your property and your employees, guests and  visitors. All SMARTGUARD .INC Officers wear our signature yellow shirts and black pants. This uniform creates a highly visible security presence when patrolling your property.

The SMARTGUARD INC. officers are equipped with GPS-enabled smartphones or tablets which enable the SMARTGUARD INC. officers to perform the following functions:

  • Keep a digital log of his/her activities and observations at your facility.

  • Create and maintain GPS verification of this/her activities and actions.

  • Communicate instantly with the SMARTGUARD INC. 24-hour Dispatch & Control Center in the event of an unplanned activity or occurrence at your site.


SMARTGUARD INC. can provide short term or long term services to all types of facilities, including the following:

  • Commercial Office Parks

  • High Rise / Low Rise Buildings

  • Fire Watch Services

  • Construction Site Security

  • Light Industrial Business Parks

  • Special Problem or Challenge Resolutions

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Single and Multi-Tenant Buildings

  • Retail Shopping Centers

  • Private Schools



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