SMARTGUARD INC. embraces new technology to successfully execute our services and provide daily reports of the activities and/or observances at client’s location(s). Utilizing the latest technology provides for an open and communicative environment for our employees and our clients. Technology enables SMARTGUARD INC. to create reports for both “real time” and historic verification of property tours along with officer attendance and analysis to ensure your security program provides the necessary asset protection. By digitally tracking all information relating to your property, we can quickly analyze a property’s unique security demographic.


SMARTGUARD INC. utilizes secure digital platforms for our radio, cellular, data and voice communications.  This provides a more secure and cost effective information delivery system.  We provide all our assigned Security and Patrol Officers with this technology.

24/7 Field Supervision and Management

Using ESChat, SMARTGUARD INC. Security Officers have constant, secure digital communication with our Field Supervision and Management Team. In order to support our Field Officers, our Management Team is equipped with all the information regarding your property(s) via “smart device.”

GPS Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled SMART PHONES and TABLETS are an integral part our “SMART TECHONOLOGY”.  GPS allows for verification of personnel location and Security or Patrols Officers’ movements throughout the duty/shift.  When our Security or Patrol Officers make a report, take a still or video image, the location and time are verified through the GPS.  Our 24 hour Dispatch Control Center uses this technology to track personnel in “real time” while having the capability of referencing historical information.

Field Activity Reporting, Verification & Integrated Employee Workings (FARVIEW)

Utilizing their SMART DEVICES (phones or tablets) our Security and Patrol Officers transmit their digital observations to our Dispatch Control Center.  Through our customized software, information follows your account and is sent to you on a daily basis.  Having partnered with the world renowned software team at Fast Field Forms, we are currently testing an enhanced field information gathering solution (FIGS).

Daily Reports via Email

We provide daily written summaries of the activities/events at your property based on observations by the Security Officer/Field Supervisor.


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